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Why Stevens AeroModel?

A young man prepares to launch a stick-helicopter.
A young man prepares to launch a stick-helicopter.

Aeromodeling is an educational hobby that excites our youth; building confidence, creativity, and life skills. Busy lifestyles and availability of pre-manufactured products have now offset what is arguably the most rewarding aspect of our hobby leaving a generational gap within the community. Time is our most valuable commodity and many would-be hobbyists perceive they do not have the time, skill, or resources available to build from scratch, plan, or conventional kit.

Stevens AeroModel was founded with the passion to inspire a new generation of model builders through increased accessibility to high-quality products that are the gateway to fostering a lifetime of creativity and enjoyment in aeromodeling. With laser-like focus on design, ease-of-assembly, and comprehensive instruction we deliver to the hobby community exciting products that ensure sucess for the novice and time constrained hobbyist.

No mentor? No problem! You can build a Stevens AeroModel kit. BuildIt!™

Made in Colorado U.S.A.