Waterboard – Mini

If you want to have a blast on a small patch of water (or snow I suppose) then this is the kit to buy! This is the third Waterboard Mini and it is just perfection to build. The instructions are accurate and complete with the additional tuning tips to get your boat planing and running just as you want. Perfectly engineered and laser cut (check the alignment of the screw holes in the decking with the hatch and tower!) the kit assembles very quickly and provides a rigid hull. Use some weight on a flat surface while the glue is setting up and you will assure that this produces a perfectly flat deck and bottom which translates into a stable and manageable boat. If you want to drift on the water, then leave off the water rudder and soften the chine. For arrow straight blasting down the pond install the suggested strips along the hull and keep the chine squared. Either way this is a great little boat that will deliver exciting performance on a budget.