Superb Engineering and Manufacturing!

As an engineer myself, I can’t say enough about the superb engineering and manufacturing quality of the Stevens AeroModel kits.  I decided to get back in the hobby after way too many years. Purchased a couple of small ARF “beginners” planes with poor results at best. Almost gave up, but was inspired by reading a copy of “Balsa Builder”. I built the Gym Ripper to learn the basics of the modern building techniques, then moved on to the QuickOats 250. Based upon to 100% success of these first two models I tried the BuzzBomb 400 and was simply amazed with the nearly perfect first flight! After a slight CG adjustment the Buzz Bomb 400 is a rock-solid flyer, even in some pretty good winds. It also generates lots of interest at the local field. The documentation is of the highest quality and goes a long way to insuring a successful build. It’s a pleasure to support Stevens AeroModel kits and please look for my next order for the Full House 500!