Rockette Twins

I purchased a couple Rockette kits at the AMA Expo West last month so a coworker and I could build them to fly in a hangar at work. We finished them up this week, and WOW where they FUN to build! We put maybe 20 hours total into each, and were thoroughly impressed at the excellent engineering and fitment of the kit. The keel joint in particular demands respect. Balsa was top quality, and every minute of the build was incredibly enjoyable. We’re still raving to others at work about the build. The airplanes fly great, though neither of ours turn to the right very well. I suspect we goofed up the right thrust angle. A little more rudder area would greatly help flying in tight spaces. Cruising around at 1/4 throttle doing lazy touch ‘n goes is this airplane’s forte. Really reminds me of a Slowpoke I had at one time. Overall, 110% pleased and I’ll be building another one of your kits in the future!

Any chance of getting a 3s parkflyer sized Rocketeer??