Swift 100

Have been flying my Swift 100 in the evenings when the wind is almost stopped. It is absolutely a blast to fly. I can’t believe everything that little plane can do. I have built three Stevens models now, and in all my building and flying days,(which are quite a few) I have never seen such precision fitting and quality parts and balsa. I made a few modifications, battery , servos, etc. because of my mode one flying ability. Bill gave me a personalized service that I haven’t seen, probably ever, in changing servo mounts and getting correct escapement, etc. Great company and best personal service ever. Still waiting for a Cub kit to come out. Let me know, I am waiting first in line !!!!!!

Almost fool-proof

The Baby Ace I have is one of my favorites and it’s making my other planes jealous. It’s been eaten by trees, had its wing ripped off several times, chased by a German Shepherd and keeps on flying. Meanwhile, I have foamies sitting on the shelf. The good news is they have “organs” waiting to be harvested for more StevensAero kits… a Pober Pixie and a Fly Baby Bipe on the way!!! Outstanding kits gentleman, outstanding.

All joy – no hassles!

Keep up the good work! I’m having a ball making balsa dust in my workshop again. I’ve always held that styrofoam has no soul. Building a Stevens AeroModel kit brings back all the joy of the stick-and-tissue modeling I enjoyed as a kid – with none of the hassles.

A game changer!

I am a disabled veteran with limited mobility.  I have been building balsa wood models for years, Guillows in particular. I read about Stevens AeroModel in one of the RC forums. So I found a hobby shop about 60 miles from me that had your products and bought one, in particular the Taylorcraft with “Duane Cole” on the side. It has always been my dream to build a balsa wood model and then convert it to an RC plane and fly it. I have tried with no success with the Guillows models to convert them to RC.

I have been working on the Taylorcraft for about three weeks now a few hours a day taking my time on ever aspect of the model and now I am almost done I have all of the electric parts ready. This has been One of the most gratifying and fun projects I have ever done in my life. The sense of accomplishment I am getting from this is beyond words. I even subscribed to the Balsa Builder Magazine and just received my first copy and it even came with plans to build a model, The Squirt and SportStik. I am excited to finish my Taylorcraft in the next couple days and I am even more excited to buy a new kit and start a new project.

I am so satisfied and fulfilled building your models I just had to tell you how I felt. Thank you guys, you have literally changed my life for the better!!  I will let you know how my next build goes, which ever beautiful kit I start next.

We couldn’t believe how nice it flies (right off the board)!

I have been trading your (micro) kits to a young man (12 years old) for yard work. I think I’ve created a new model builder !!! He loves it. Another friend, who only flew 3/D worked together with me building your “Helium MG2” glider. We couldn’t believe how nice it flies (right off the board). He sends it up & sets down in a lawn chair and says “This is the only way to fly” This won’t be my last glider!!! Well, thanks for listening.

I can’t believe the quality of your kits!

I can’t believe the quality of your kits! I’ve been building models since the early 50’s and have never had the pleasure of something as enjoyable as your S-POU kit. The parts fit is astounding, the plans are first class and the engineering is a work of art. The balsa is some of the best I’ve ever run across. I can’t wait to start on the “Playmite 75 I bought. Keep up the good work! After building one of your kits, everything else seems to fall short.

Easy to assemble model airplane

I recieved one of your kits wanting to get into building them and i was amazed!!! It was so easy to assemble and is a great looking plane!! I liked it so much that i have already ordered another one!!!

Helium Motor Glider is Fun!

I bought a helium a year ago built this plane and flew it for about a year and love it. It was fun building this plane and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to build an fly it has been fun.

I love these easy to assemble model airplanes

Just ordered the 1911 Caudron Racer. I love these precious little easy to assemble model airplanes. I’m old enough to have seen the real one, a much later model fly in i believe 1936 in the air races held here at Mines field now called LAX. California. I have built several of your models, last one called Sweet Dream.. Flies so easy and handles perfect. I highly recommend your precious little models as they assemble so easy & truly a work of art. keep up the good work – Hal

Awesome Work!

I completed the Baby Ace and went straight on to the 1911 Caudron. These have been the best kits I have ever built. Absolutely loving the builds. I took a leap of faith based on your feedback page and bought 4 kits. I am about to start the Fokker Dvii. My only concern is what I will do once I have built them all. I like them so much that my next step is to start distributing them in South Africa. Awesome work! Thanks a million.