Retired Designs available by Special Order

All Products in this category have been “retired” from our catalog and stocking inventories.  A retired design is one that we no longer actively produce, or support with product updates.  In many cases a retired design is still an excellent model, the design may have simply aged out of our catalog, or the product manuals and suggested components listing is not in keeping with modern offerings.  In some cases, the specified electronics may have been discontinued and are only available as used, or “new old stock”, from private party marketplace sellers (ebay).

The good news is! We still have all of the tooling and ability to produce these classic designs and are willing to do so, on a special order basis, to support any of our customers that missed out on these great models. Each retired design will be carefully cut-to-order, from hand sorted AAA balsa (just like we’ve always done it).  And will be produced using the original tooling, manuals and packaging.  Assuming all of the hardware is in stock at our shop, you may purchase a retired design, by clicking on the product title below and then ‘Add to Cart’.

Prior to making your purchase, we encourage you to look at any available linked product manuals and specifications, to get an idea of the scope of the build and the unique electronics requirements for each model.  It will be up to the builder to make any necessary modifications to the delivered kit, to bring it inline with current electronics and radio recommendations.  If you are new model building, or to electric flight, we strongly encourage you to look at our current model airplane catalog and reserve these “retired” (though still awesome) products for when you have a bit more experience.

Note: Your order invoicing will show the item as ‘backordered’ this is our catch-all order status for special orders and cut-to-order items.

Please allow 5-10 days for production of cut-to-order (backordered) products in this category.