Stevens AeroModel Replacement Parts

This order form will enable you to quickly order replacement hardware and laser-cut sheets as originally included with your Stevens AeroModel kit.  Your kit’s instruction manual contains a hardware contents list. This hardware list features an item description followed by a numeric hardware [id] in brackets. Use the hardware id to quickly order replacement hardware items for your kit.

Example hardware excerpt from manual:

  • 2 – Nylon Bolt, 4-40 x 1 in. [3022]
  • 2 – Rubber Wheel Retainer [4015]
  • 1 – Aluminum Tube, 3/32 in. diameter x 6 in. [*]

In the example above you’d be able to locate and order items 3022 and 4015 in the list below. Items that appear like this [*] are not stocked in pre-cut lengths and must be purchased as full stock lengths.  Laser-cut sheets are available in the drop-down link within the kit products listed below.
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