ZAP-A-GAP Medium CA Glue, .5g (5/pkg.)

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Hobbyist favorite! Convenient 5 pack of 0.5g single use tubes. Excellent for repairs on the road or building small free flight models. Ideal for educational environments and classroom builds of small models. Why bring a whole bottle of glue with you to flying site only to have it leak in your flight box? This single use multi-pack is ideal for making repairs on the go.

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Item Number: PAAPT105

Add 24 precision glue tips!

application and metering of CA – ensuring that glue is applied only where you want it.

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Add CA accelerator (Kicker)

Near instantaneous cure of all types of CA glue. Great for making repairs or "kicking" slow setting glues.

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Add CA debonding agent!

Escape a sticky situation – purchase this CA glue debonder while you still can! Tick the "add" box below while your fingers not stuck together.

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Product Description:

ZAP-A-GAP CA+ Is the best selling instant glue in the world. The ability to bond virtually anything to anything with consistency unequaled by any other brand makes it the favorite adhesive across many varied disciplines. Widely used throughout the hobby industry, it is the absolute best and most consistent performing glue for model building and crafting. Wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric, rubber, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or any combination of, ZAP-A-GAP CA+ can help solve many tough bonding problems.

Why use medium CA glue?

  • Superior Gap filling formula
  • Medium viscosity fills gaps while still penetrating wood grain
  • Working time of 7 to 10 seconds
  • Full cure in 20 seconds*
  • Works on oily surfaces

*Use ZIP KICKER to accelerate cure time


Packaging | Five 0.5g tubes / package
Viscosity | Medium
Working Time | 7 to 10 seconds
Cure Time | 20 seconds*

*Use Zip Kicker to accelerate cure time


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