XT90 Connector (pair)


This genuine Amass XT90 connector set (male/female pair) is easier to solder and more reliable than generic versions. The gold-plated brass contacts are rated for a maximum current of 90A and will receive 10AWG wire. This XT90 connector set includes innovative clip on wire covers that eliminate the need to purchase shrink tubing.

Item Number: XT90H-PAIR
Max Current 90A | Max Wire 10AWG | Weight 14.9g (pair)

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Additional Details

Max Current | 90A
Duty Cycle | 1000 Use Times
Resistance | 0.30mΩ
Max Voltage | DC 500V
Weight | 14.9g (pair)
Suggested Use | Battery/charger
Conductor Material | Gold plated brass
Max Wire Size | 10AWG
Plastic Material | PA
Rated Temperature | -20℃ to 120℃


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