Trexler #05 Vintage Balloon Wheels (pair)


Trexler Rubber Company of Ravenna, OH continues to manufacture this staple for vintage aeromodeling projects. These classic pneumatic balloon wheels feature a solid wood hub and inflatable latex tire. Sold assembled and in pairs, Trexler's classic inflatable model airplane balloon wheels are suitable for both free flight and light weight electric applications.

2.25 in. diameter | 12g (pair) | Max airframe weight 8 oz.

Made in U.S.A. (Just like they always have been!)

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Trexler care instructions

This is a natural latex product and requires special handling and care to obtain the longest product life. Following the instructions below, you’ll be assured of getting the longest duty cycle out of your new Trexler wheels. Each Trexler tire has been carefully stored and has tested prior to leaving our facility.

To avoid damaging your new tires

NEVER inflate using your mouth (causes the valve stem to seal rendering the product useless)
NEVER leave inflated while in storage (valve stem may seal due to moisture within the tire)
NEVER over-inflate tire (tire may rupture or blister)
NEVER dismount tire from wooden hub
NEVER use on models heavier than specified in the product description

For the best results

ALWAYS store your model airplane equipped with Trexler tires in a cool, dry, and dark place
ALWAYS properly inflate Trexler tires prior to use using a Trexler inflator or small syringe
ALWAYS deflate Trexler tires after each flying session – leaving the valve stems open
ALWAYS adhere to the suggested carrying capacity of the tires when sizing Trexler tires to fit your model

no warranty is offered on this product


Outside Dia. (in.) | 2.25
Tire Width (in.) | 0.92
Hub Outside Dia. (in.) | 0.75
Hub Width (in.) | 0.92
Axle Size (in.) | 0.075
Weight Pair (g) | 12
Tire Material | Latex Rubber


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