ThunderPower ProLite X 1350mAh 07.4V (25C)


The ProLite X 1350mAh 7.4V 25C is a high quality LiPo pack that you can fly with confidence in your valuable models.  There are a lot of battery options out there but none have been as consistent in quality and performance as the ProLite series from ThunderPower. Ships with bare wire leads ready for your favorite battery connector – includes

Item Number: TP1350-2SPX25
Max Charge 6.7A | Max Discharge 33.7A | Dimensions (mm) 13 x 34 X 68 | Weight 64g
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1350mAh 2-Cell/2S 7.4V ProLite X 25C LiPo


Max Charge: 5C
Max Charge Current: 6.7A
Max Cont. Discharge: 25C
Max Cont. Current: 33.7A
Max Burst: 50C
Max Burst Current: 67.5A
Weight (g): 64
Dimensions (mm): 13 x 34 x 68


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