ThunderPower Elite Series 0325mAh 11.1V (55C)

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This high quality Elite Series 325 mAh 11.1V 55C LiPo battery from ThunderPower is the storage system of choice for many of our model airplane kits. Pre-soldered with flexible silicone wire and premium gold plated JST (red) style battery connector.

Item Number: TP325-23SE55J
Max charge 12.6A | Max Disharge 17.8A | Weight 35g
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Product Description:

325mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V Elite Series 55C LiPo, JST


Max Charge: 8C
Max Charge Current: 2.6A
Max Cont. Discharge: 55C
Max Cont. Current: 17.8A
Max Burst: 100C
Max Burst Current: 35.6A
Weight (g): 24
Dimensions (mm): 15 x 25 x 45


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