ThunderCHUCK Stunt Glider

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Meet ThunderCHUCK™ – not your average run of the mill chuck glider. No, this CHUCK runs wild with your imagination! Punky, Spunky, and down-right Funky! ThunderCHUCK features an all balsa twin intake turbine (now with FIRE!), Dual machine gun ports, and BOMBS! Laser-cut to perfection and delivered in kit form right to your door. We double dog dare you to fly this model without making jet noises!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-TCHUCK
Wing span 10 in. | Wing area 25 sq. in. | Flying Weight 0.5 oz. (more details below)

Don't forget the glue tips!

These glue tips allow fine control over CA glue application.

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Additional Details

Kid tested and father approved, the ThunderCHUCK is not recommended for people living in a glass house or those with an aversion to experiencing euphoric childhood memories!

Caution: May contain product known to the state of California to cause FUN!

Kit includes:

  • Laser cut balsa and hard wood components
  • Balast material
  • Premium Rubber catapult material and wooden handle
  • Plan Set and Flying Guide


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