Power BL.46e (1500W | 620Kv)


This SA Sport Power BL.46e (620Kv) brushless out runner motor features a low (high torque) KVA (rpm/v) rating and a maximum power output of 1500W, the SA Sport Power BL.46e (620Kv) is well suited for large sport electric models and applications that require either a .40 or .46 size engine. This motor features 3 support bearings for greater strength under extreme stress.

We suggest pairing this motor with the Talon 60 ESC

Item number: SUPA4120-6
1500W Max Output at 25.2V | 6.0mm motor shaft | 4.0mm bullet style connectors
Replacement Parts: Bullet Connectors

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Additional Details

SA Sport Power BL.46e 620KV (A4120-6) Specifications:

Number of Cells | 4-6s LiPo
Max Efficiency Current | 26-45A (>81%)
No Load Current (10v) | 2.6A
Max Current | 60A/60s
Peak Watts | 1500W
Max Efficiency | 84%
Internal resistance | .033 ohms
Poles | 14

Weight | 339g (including supplied back plate and propeller adapter)
Motor Dimensions | 50mm diameter x 48mm length
Shaft diameter | 6.0mm
Offset from firewall | (Distance from back of X-mount to back of propeller hub 75mm)
Motor bolt pattern (back of motor) | 30mm x 30mm (center to center)
X-mount hole pattern | 60mm x 60mm (hole to hole)
Suggested Electronic Speed Control (ESC) | 60-70A
Suggested Model Flying Weight | 2000-3500g (70-120 oz.)

Mfg. Suggested Equipment Pairings

4S LiPo | 13×8 APC-E | Talon 60 ESC
5S LiPo | 12×8 APC-E | Talon 60 ESC


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