SQuiRT (700) Primary Trainer


Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-SQRT700
Wing span 57 in. | Wing area 560 in.² | Flying Weight 40 oz. | 3-channel (RET)

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The SQuiRT 700 was designed to be simple to build; fly exceptionally well with clean, quite, affordable electric power; and has been intelligently designed to maximize flight performance while resisting the bumps and bruises typical while training with the model. We have also bounced, cart wheeled, and spun our SQuiRT into the ground only to retrieve the wing, band it back in place, reset the motor, and go fly. In designing the SQuiRT we researched the weaknesses of today’s trainers and sought to improve upon them. All of the hard points on the SQuiRT are reinforced by and connected to a central plywood crutch. Our tail section is robust and will resist damage if you cartwheel the model. Our wing is securely retained with rubber bands and will not tear the fuselage in half if you crash. Our motor mount is robust and will resist crash damage. Our landing gear absorbs shock and, unlike aluminum gear (a poor choice for any model aircraft), will not rip from the bottom of the model if you land hard. Even under the roughest of handling, our solid balsa/ply airframe will outlive any foam model.

Performance comes from an efficient direct drive Speed 700 motor that delivers over 90w/lb (based on a 2.5lb flying weight). This robust power system affords the end user an inexpensive and reliable platform that will stand up to the rigors of training. This robust package features a 5mm shaft, prop adapter, and built in cooling fan to reduce heat induced wear. With 90w/lb output the SQuiRT easily loops from level flight and will perform all R/E/T aerobatics including inverted flight, snaps, spins, stall turns, and rudder rolls.

The SQuiRT 700 flies great on the suggested Graupner Speed 700 motor.


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