Squirt 1/2A (balsabuilder 2016) Laser-cut Parts


This laser-cut parts package for the balsabuilder Squirt™, will turbo charge the plan based build allowing the modeler to quickly proceed to the framing portion of the build. Featuring all required formers (laser-cut) and strip wood for this delightful 1/2A trainer as featured in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: BBM-PK011
Wing span 37.5 in. | Wing area 245 sq. in. | Flying Weight 14 oz. (more details below)

Laser-cut parts only – Requires: Plans, Hardware, and Strip Wood Stock
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This product is cut to order, please allow 5-7 business days for production.

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Additional Details


In 2016 we made a complete redesign of the Stevens AeroModel Squirt™ 400 exclusively for publication in balsabuilder Magazine. The balsabuilder version of this classic radio control, electric powered, model features a plans-built friendly laser-cut parts package and support for 1/2A fuel powered engines.

This laser-cut parts package is designed to augment the plans, published in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine, and have been enhanced with numerous helpful interlocking building aids which greatly simplify the assembly process. Unlike the laser-engineered Stevens AeroModel design, the balsabuilder version of this iconic model was developed to satisfy those seeking a more traditional model building experience. Construction of balsabuilder designs therefore favor the use of a building board and t-pins. This more traditional build will reward the hobbyist with a deligtfully strong airframe featuring clean lines and beautiful open “stick” frame work to enjoy.

This product has been designed for 1/2A fuel powered model aircraft engines but is suitable for coversion to Speed 400 electric power.

Included with this purchase:

  • Laser-cut formers and required strip wood stock

Required to complete this model:

  • balsabuilder Magazine Volume 1 | Issue 4 (includes plans and construction article)
  • Engine, PAW .060 (diesel) | MP Jet .061 (glo) | Speed 400 (electric*)
  • Servos, 3 Hitec HS-55
  • Radio, 3 Channel with micro receiver
  • Hardware; push-rods, control horns, wheels (see the construction article)
  • Covering, 1 Roll (AeroFILM**)

*We offer an optional laser-cut parts package and motor mount to simplify the electric conversion. **AeroFILM is suitable for glo and electric applications only.


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