6 Channel UM Receiver AS3X w/Brushed ESC


The AS6410L DSMX 6-Channel Ultra Micro AS3X Receiver with ESC is an excellent solution for many micro model applications. This receiver uses genuine Spektrum 2.4 DSMX technology and AS3X stability control to improve the flight control of your micro model application.

This unit functions well with most of our Stevens Aeromodel micro kit airplane products, please see the “Additional Details” tab below, for setup suggestions.

Item Number: SPMAS6410L

Modulation DSMX | Stabilization AS3X | Weight 6.3g | Size (mm) 38L x 28W x 8H

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Additional Details

Using this unit with a Stevens AeroModel kit.

This unit can be made to function very well within our entire line of micro model airplane kits, that originally specified the PKZ3351/PKZ3352 receiver. Follow the setup advice below:

  • Ensure that AS3X stabilization is disabled (default as delivered).
  • While the width of the AS6410L is the same as the OE specified PKZ3352, the length 15mm longer and will not fit within kit-supplied laser-cut plastic mounting clips intended for the PKZ3351/PKZ3352 form factor. Instead, mount the unit using double sided servo tape.
  • The onboard servos are mapped to Rudder and Elevator – for our 3-channel micro models, you’ll want to place the transmitter aileron stick movement in control of the rudder servo.  To do this, re-map the aileron channel to control the rudder servo on the board (if your computer radio allows this function) – or apply a 100% mix of aileron to 100% rudder.
  • The SPMAS6410L is 3g heavier than the OE specified PKZ3352, as the receivers are generally mounted over the CG, we do not expect the additional weight to cause a balance issue.
  • The longer travel servos supplied onboard the SPMAS6410L will need to be accounted for in radio setup.  In most of our kit applications, you’ll need to reduce the servo travel in your computer radio to achieve the same control deflections specified for your model’s setup.


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