Speed 400 Ferrite Motor 7.2V


You know it, you love it… well maybe at least you have fond memories of using one!  The Speed 400 7.2V motor is a classic workhorse of many vintage electric model aircraft designs.  We still stock’em ’cause we love them.  This one is branded by Electrifly but is compatible with applications that specify brands by Graupner, GWS, or Mabuchi. The venerable Speed 400 pairs nicely as a direct drive system in a well engineered sport model of about 14-16 oz in flying weight.

Item Number: GPMG0325
Shaft Diameter 2.3mm | Weight 2.58oz | Watts 80

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It seems that these days we simply throw more electrons at poorly engineered models, but there was a time when the true test of your ability to design an efficient model, was to design around a Speed 400 motor. Models that flew well on this system with simple “round cells” were few and far between – those that did were real gems!

Bonus points!

Q: What does Speed 400 mean?
A: Absolutely NOTHING it was simply adopted branding made popular by Graupner. The Speed 400 is simply a Mabuchi 380 class motor, the “380” signified a 38mm case length.  In fact most electric motor naming conventions continue to make no sense – the only reliable way to pick out an electric motor for a new application is to do so based on watts.  The direct drive “Speed 400” will produce an expected 80W output when paired with the components listed below:

Suggested Components
(when powered by 7-8 NiMH cells or a 2S LiPo battery)

Brushed ESC 15-20A
Propeller Adapter 2.3mm
Direct Drive Propeller 6×3 or 7×3.5
Speed 400 Cradle Mount (GWS)


Operating voltage | 3.6V-8.4V
Stall current | 21A
Free shaft length | 13.8mm
Case length | 37.8mm
Weight approx. | 73g
Maximum efficiency | 72
No-load speed | 16400 RPM
No-load current drain | 0.5A
Nominal voltage | 7.2V
Case Diameter : 27.7mm
Charging rate at max. efficiency | 3.3A
Shaft diameter | 2.3mm
Motor direction | Right or Left