SLUG 700BB Turbo 12V


The big-daddy ferrite SLUG is back in the house!  Our SLUG™ 700BB TURBO 12V motor is a classic workhorse of many vintage electric model aircraft designs.  We still stock’em to the delight of the vintage electric flight enhusiast!  Compatible with applications that specify Graupner 700BB TURBO motors. The venerable Speed 700BB TURBO 12V pairs nicely as a direct drive system in a well engineered sport model of about 32 oz. flying weight.

Item Number: SLUG700BB-12V
Shaft Diameter 5.0mm | Weight 355g | Watts 200

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Additional Details

It seems that these days we simply throw more electrons at poorly engineered models, but there was a time when the true test of your ability to design an efficient model, was to design around a Speed 700 motor. Models that flew well on this system with simple “round cells” were few and far between – those that did were real gems! This is the go-to motor for our brushed SQuiRT 700 primary trainer and it works flawlessly in that platform!

Suggested Components
(when powered by a 3S LiPo battery)

Brushed ESC 30A
Propeller Adapter 5.0mm
APC 10x5E Propeller
Speed 700 Cradle Mount


Nominal voltage | 12V
No-load speed | 11800 RPM
No-load current drain | 1.2A

Shaft diameter | 5.0mm
Shaft length | 16.0mm
Case Diameter : 27.7mm
Case length | 67.0mm
Weight approx. | 355g
Motor direction | CW/CCW

Test Results

Setup 1: Altitude 6500′ MSL | APC 10x7E* | 30A Brushed ESC | 11.1V 2500mAh LiPo (25C)

RPM | 8600
Voltage under load | 11.8
Current under load | 19.5A
Watts under load | 230

*users at lower elevations should start with an APC 10x5E propeller.