SPORTstik Fuselage Plastic Parts Kit (8mm)


Our SPORTstik™ Fuselage Plastic Parts Kit pairs with our new 8mm Carbon Fiber Fuselage and will fit both Stevens Aeromodel SPORTstik and GWS Slow Stick applications. Our plastic part kit includes the following PETG-CF (FDM/Black) components: Battery Tray, Forward Wing Mount (with re-designed main gear mount), Rear Wing Mount, Rudder and Elevator Servo Mounts, 8 mm Fuselage Coupler (with re-designed tail gear mount).  Also includes the following impact resistant PETG (FDM/Orange) parts:  Push-rod support bracket, 3-3/8 inch main gear spindle wheels (2), 1-1/4 tail gear spindle wheel, plastic wheel retainers and pre-formed landing gear wire.  We suggest E6000 or medium CA adhesive for assembly.

BONUS PART INCLUDED! 8mm square stick Motor Mount with 2 degree down thrust (fits our Park BL370 and Park BL400 motors)

Made in Colorado U.S.A.

Material PETG-CF (FDM) | For 8mm Square Fuselage | Weight* 69g
*Includes: Motor mount, wheels, hardware and wire landing gear.

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Additional Details

SPORTstik and Slow Stick Fuselage Plastic Parts and Hardware, for new 8mm square fuselage [Replaces: GW/SLOW-STICK-AS3]

SPORTstik Fuselage Plastic Parts Inventory

Carbon composite plastic fuselage parts (PETG-CF FDM | Charcoal Color)

  • Forward Wing Mount
  • Main Landing Gear Mount
  • Rear Wing Mount
  • Servo Trays (2)
  • 8mm Fuselage Joiner and Tail Gear Mount
  • Vertical and Horizontal Fin Mount (For SPORTstick 2024 update)

Impact resistant plastic parts (PETG FDM | Orange)

  • Clip on push-rod bracket
  • Two Spindle Wheels (3-3/8 in.) for Main Gear (with plastic retainer)
  • Spindle Wheel (1-1/4 in.) for Tail Wheel (with plastic retainer)


  • Pre-formed main landing gear (.075 in. wire)
  • Pre-formed tail gear (.063 in. wire)
  • 3 – #2 x 3/8 in. Flange Head Socket Screws (for landing gear mount) [SAP-3013]
  • 2 – 2-56 x 1/4 in. Pan Head Screws (for horizontal fin retention) [SAP-6001]*
  • 2 – 2-56 x 3/8 in. Pan Head Screws (for vertical fin retention) [SAP-6003]*
  • 4 – 2-56 x 7/16 in. Pan Head Screws (for fuselage joiner assembly) [SAP-6003]*
  • 4 – 2-56 hex nuts (for horizontal and vertical fin retention) [SAP-3015]*

*thread locking compound required for these parts during assembly.

Note: This product has been completely redesigned for our 2024 re-release and manufactured in-house, using state of the art additive manufacturing and engineering grade composite carbon fiber plastics. This is a replacement for legacy GWS slow stick parts that are no longer available.  This product is not compatible with GWS injection molded plastic parts, designed for the discontinued 10mm square fuselage.


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