SkyBuggy™ (300) Nostalgic Park Flyer

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The SkyBuggy™ 300 echos the nostalgic lines of the long since discontinued Andy Clancy Lazy Bee model line and features a refreshing splash of Kris Cartwright’s own keen eye for design.  When the above is combined with Stevens AeroModel’s modern model engineering, clear and thoughtful instructions, and state of the industry cutting techniques the result is simply fantastic on all levels.

Builders will be delighted by our Interlocking Laser Engineered™ design that frames in two evenings or less. Budding pilots will appreciate our innovative shock absorbing landing gear and thick flat-bottom airfoil that promotes high-lift and stability. SkyBuggy features a well mannered, predictable, and positively stable flight envelope that is capable of basic Rudder-Elevator-Throttle aerobatics, including: spins, snaps, stall turns, wing-overs, etc..

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-ARCH400
Wing span 32 in. | Wing area 285 sq. in. | Flying weight 12.5 oz. | 3-channel (RET)
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Add the motor!

We suggest the brushless SA Sport Park 370 motor for this SkyBuggy. Add one to this order!

Add the propeller!

You may have one floating about in your tool kit but you better get one (or more) just to be certain!

Add the speed control!

Our 20A Sport Brushless ESC comes pre-soldered with connectors to fit the suggested motor and battery. Add one to your order.

Add two servos! × 2

The SkyBuggy requires two Hitec HS-55 servos. Add these now.

Add the floats!

Enjoy flying your SkyBuggy 300 from water using our custom designed float set.

Genuine Trexler Balloon Wheels!

Complete your purchase with a pair of inflatable balloon wheels. These Trexler #06G wheels add style and charm to the SkyBuggy 300.

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Additional Details

Wing Span | 32 in
Overall Length | 24 in
Wing Area | 285 in2
Flying Weight | 12.5 oz
Wing Loading | 6.3 oz/ft2
Controls Required | 3 channel, R/E/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Park Flyer


  • Step-by-step illustrated assembly manual
  • Full size detail drawings
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Laser-cut acetate windscreen
  • Comprehensive hardware package

Required Power System (brushless option)
This kit now supports brushless power and includes a laser-cut plywood brushless motor mount that is mounted against the forward surface of the original firewall.  In this case, omit the supplied 10mm gearbox mounting stick.  

Legacy Power System (brushed option)
This model was originally developed to support the GWS EPS350C-CS brushed/geared motor system. This offering is no longer widely distributed.

  • Brushed Motor | GWS 350C-CS (5.33:1)
  • Speed Control | 15A
  • Propeller | 10×4.7 GWS SF
  • Battery | LiPo 7.4V 800 mAh (25C)

Required Supporting Electronics

Required finishing items:

1 review for SkyBuggy™ (300) Nostalgic Park Flyer

  1. Mark Nye (verified owner)

    After flying for a couple of years, I decided to try a balsa build. I wanted a small, simple, inexpensive airplane first so selected the SkyBuggy. Both the kit and the directions are exceptional. I was surprised when I had the tail feathers framed less than an hour after opening the box. I easily completed the SkyBuggy and immediately ordered the SkyBoy which has also been completed. Stevens’ truss lock system is very elegant and makes it easy to build a straight airplane without any pins. I am currently building a kit from another well regarded company, and the Stevens kits are far superior. (Stevens does not have any larger bipes.) The SkyBuggy is a docile little park flyer that will takeoff and land in 3′. A beginner can fly it without stabilization as the airplane returns to level flight as soon as you release the sticks. I will note that the plane is much easier to fly with low rates and at half throttle. At high throttle and high rates, it is easy to overcontrol because of its short length and large tail surfaces. With the big wing and no ailerons, it is best not to fly this plane in high winds. I routinely get 12+ minute flights with a 2S1100 battery. My only recommendation is to replace the tail skid with the Dubro Micro Tail Wheel Bracket (No 854) if you will be flying off of prepared surfaces. (This bracket fits into the same holes as the tail skid.) The skid does fine on grass, but on the club runway the plane almost always ground loops when coming to a stop. This problem went away when I added the tailwheel.

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