SkyBoy (600) Slow Flyer

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The Stevens AeroModel designed SkyBoy™ (600) is a super-sized park and slow flyer that effortlessly grooves through moderate turbulence and winds with ease. The wondrously fat low aspect ratio wing, full house controls, and cartoon character will turn plenty of heads a the flying field. SkyBoy pilots will enjoy the excellent handling, glide, and wind penetration of the design – barn door ailerons improve crosswind handling and allow for a host of sport aerobatics and other wild airborne antics. The SkyBoy is produced in accordance with the exacting standards of Stevens AeroModel’s quick build laser-cut kit format – as enjoyable to build as it is to fly!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-SKYBOY600
SkyBoy (600) kits are cut-to-order – please allow 5-7 business days to ship this item.
Wing span 48 in. | Wing area 640 sq. in. | Flying weight 36.5 oz. | 4-Channel REAAT

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Add the motor!

The SkyBoy 600 flies great with our Sport Power BL .10e brushless motor.

Add the propeller!

The 10x5 APC E propeller is a good match to our suggested motor and battery. Add one (or more) now.

Add the ESC!

Protect your investment by outfitting the SkyBoy 600 with this high-quality Talon 35 ESC by Castle Creations.

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Add the aileron control servos! × 2

The SkyBoy requires two HS-65HB servos for the ailerons. Add these now.

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Add the elevator and rudder servos! × 2

The SkyBoy requires two HS-82MG servos to control both rudder and elevator. Add these now.

This product is currently made to order, please allow 5-7 business days for production.

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Additional Details


Wing Span | 48 in
Overall Length | 36.5 in
Wing Area | 640 in2
Flying Weight | 36 oz
Wing Loading | 8.1 oz/ft2

Controls Required | 4-6 channel, R/E/A/A/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Sport Electric Model


  • Illustrated instruction manual | plans free construction method
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Pre-bent wire landing gear
  • Laser-cut PTEG windscreen
  • Comprehensive hardware package

Required Electronics

Required finishing items

  • Wheels | 4 in. Foam Wheels (DAV5740)
  • Covering film | 2 Rolls AeroLITE™
  • CA Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick Adhesives

1 review for SkyBoy (600) Slow Flyer

  1. Mark Nye (verified owner)

    The SkyBoy 600 was my second kit from Stevens Aeromodel. Like the first (Sky Buggy 300) and the Swift 100 which I have subsequently built, the kit and instructions were exceptional. The plane, which framed up quickly and easily, was a joy to build. I equipped the SkyBoy with the specified BL .10e motor and APC 10x5E prop but opted for the 45A Avian Smart ESC so I could receive engine and Smart battery telemetry through an AR637T receiver. Depending on how I fly, I get between 6.5 and 10 minutes on a 3S2200 battery before it is down to storage voltage. Maximum current draw is 32 amps. It is a very stable and forgiving slow flyer that can easily be flown by a beginner. A more advanced operator would have no problem keeping this plane within the confines of half of a soccer field, although I would not recommend flying from grass because the plane sits very low, and the aileron servos could be damaged. From a hard surface, the plane takes off and lands in five feet. It will never win any competitions, but it is still a fun acro flyer with a high pitch rate but low roll rate. You can even coax a knife edge out of it at top speed. The best aspect of the SkyBoy is its appearance. Every time I fly it, this plane attracts a lot of attention at the club. Especially when I announce that I am making a high speed pass, then fly by a walking speed.

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