SHAFT 400 laser-cut kit

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Stevens AeroModel invites you to build the SHAFT 400 (Super High Performance Aerobatic Flight Trainer) a premium, modern, and all inclusive laser-cut balsa wood model airplane kit. As the name implies the SHAFT 400 functions as a step-up aerobatic trainer for aspiring pilots who have mastered their primary trainer. The SHAFT 400 is offered as a highly engineered, quick building, interlocking, balsa wood kit – fool proof tab and notch construction methods, clear computer drawn plans, and illustrated instructions ensure that even novice builders will be sucessfull.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-SHAFT400
Wing span 39 in. | Wing area 340 sq. in. | Flying weight 15 oz. | 4-channel (REAAT) (more details below)
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Add the motor!

We recommend the Park BL450 (950Kv) brushless motor for this model.

Add the speed control!

Our 20A speed control is pre-wired with connectors to mate to our Park 450 motor.

Add a propeller!

The APC 9x4.7SF is a great starting point we suggest keeping at least one extra in your flight box – just to keep ol'murphy at bay.

Add four Hitec servos! × 4

Experienced modelers will testify that you never skimp on control. Invest your hobby dollars wisely and fly with quality Hitec servos. Four HS-55's are required for this model.

Add the battery!

There's no more reliable option than ThunderPower – proven performance and consistent reliability.


Additional Details


The SHAFT (Super High Performance Aerobatic Flight Trainer)… fills the void between our basic 4 channel “stik” trainers which are designed for positive stability and our higher performance G series models which are designed for unlimited aerobatics.

Light and efficient airframe… Designing at elevations well over a mile high forces us to create more efficient air vehicles that overcome the atmospheric density challenges of high altitude flight. Through intelligent use of materials and good old fashion engineering we are able to provide a better functioning product.

Simple Construction… Even the novice can build the SHAFT! Featuring a low part count of 100% precision laser cut balsa and hardwood components. Warp resistant wing construction, Carbon fiber capped flying surfaces, Truss Loc(tm) and tab and notch assembly techniques assist you to build a straight and true airframe that stays true.

Under-Carriage designed to stay with the plane upon arrival… Our beefy landing gear derived from the SQuiRT will absorb anything the novice pilot can dish out and won’t tear out of the fuselage.

Flies like a bird not a brick… We bet you’ll overshoot the runway! the SHAFT‘s semi-symmetric airfoil and a flying wight over 1/2 pound less than competing models add up to one agile bird that insists on staying aloft.

Minimize Collateral Damage… The SHAFT‘s wings easily slip from the fuselage and the landing gear flexes and shifts to avoid unnecessary bench time between those exciting arrivals.

Take it on the road with you… The SHAFT packs flat and is itching to go with you on your next road trip.


  • Full Size Rolled Plan Sheet
  • Precision Laser cut AAA balsa and hardwood
  • Pre-Bent Landing Gear
  • Full hardware complement – real premium DuBro hardware.

Required Electronics

  • Park 450 Brushless Motor (150-200W)
  • 20A ESC
  • 9×4.7 SF or 10×5 E APC propeller
  • Battery | LiPo 11.1V 1300 mAh (25C)

Required finishing items

  • Sanding Block | 120 and 240 grit paper
  • Basic modeling tools such as a hobby knife, drills, and a flat work surface
  • Covering film | 1-2 rolls (2M) of AeroLITE or ParkLITE film.
  • Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick CA Adhesives – or – Aliphatic Wood Glue



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