Servo Wire Y-Harness, 6 inch


This 6 in. Servo Wire Y-Harness is pre-wired with male and female connectors. This Servo Wire Y-Harness is compatible with JR. Spektrum, ParkZone, Hitec, Airtronics, and many other popular brands. Manufactured from high quality flexible silicone wire 26 AWG.

Item Number: SAP-SRVEXY300
Length 6 in. | 26 AWG | Universal Connector

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Additional Details

Please note:  Due to supply chain interruptions.  The appearance of this item may vary but the function and construction will remain the same.  This product may ship with black/red/white or brown/red/yellow wires, the plug and the wires are universally interchangeable and compatible with all electronics systems.  If you are ordering a set of extensions, we will do our best to match the colors of the available product (to satisfy the demands of my personal OCD).  We hope to see more predictable delivery as the supply-side issues improve.