SCImOn 20 Elastic Launch Gliders

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The SCImOn 20 CLG has been developed for club and educational one design programs. Package includes: three (3) airframes, launch stick, competition grade elastic, assembly instructions, and flight trim tutorial. Value package of 3 gliders!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-SCIMON20
Wing span 20cm (8 in.) | Wing area 87 cm2 (13.5 sq. in.) | Flying Weight 2.8g (0.1 oz.) more details below
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Additional Details

The SCImOn CLG is an adaptation of the concept behind the Krempetz “Simple Simon”, a proven Category I/II beginner level glider, and has been further refined by Stevens AeroModel to improve the assembly process and thus flight performance in the hands of an unskilled builder. As a result, the SCImOn CLG presents the ideal candidate for club and educational one-design programs and has been updated to meet the 2012/2013 Science Olympiad Elastic Launched Glider rules. Package includes three airframes, launch stick, competition grade elastic, assembly instructions, and flight trim tutorial.

Why Laser Engineered?
When building for competition consistency is key to finishing at the top of the pack! Hand, die, and even laser cut parts from other vendors can still present the novice builder a significant challenge to assemble. Laser Engineered airframes from Stevens AeroModel overcome the novice builders lack of well developed building skills and improve the build quality for veteran craftsman. Our Laser Engineered products utilize the exacting tolerances of our well tuned laser cutters combined with, hand selected AAA grade materials, and thoughtful construction aids designed into each and every part. A Laser Engineered structure, from Stevens AeroModel, ensures a quicker, straighter, and more repeatable build and, regardless of your building skill level, will improve your success.

One Design Glider
The affordable SCImOn CLG makes a great one design glider for your educational or club competition. Your group will benefit from building and competing with the same glider design as it will be easier to give instruction during the build and trim process. As competitors will essentially begin from the same design, the individuals success in group competition is governed by how quickly they master the aerodynamic concepts that will allow their gliders to launch higher, transition smoother, and stay aloft longer!

Science Olympiad Ready
The SCImOn CLG is legal for use in the 2012/2013 Science Olympiad Competition and meets all rules and requirements as set forth by

Included in the Kit

  • Three (3) SCImOn CLG Airframe Kits, Laser Engineered For Success!
  • Length of Competition Grade Elastic Launcher
  • Launch Stick
  • Clay Ballast
  • Plan Set
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Flight Trim Tutorial

What you Will Need
Aside from the positive can-do attitude of your willing participant, you’ll only need glue! CA instant-set glues will decrease your build time while aliphatic wood glue or model cements produce a more flexible/durable joint and increase build and repair time accordingly. No sharps (razor blades) are required for a successful assembly!

  • Medium CA Glue (10 Minutes for Assembly with CA) or
  • Aliphatic Wood Glue or Cement (1-2 Hours for Assembly Wood Glue)

Optional Building Supplies
The following supplies are not required for your success but will improve your ability to fine tune the design for optimal performance, improve airframe longevity, and make repairs:

  • Sanding Block
  • CA Glue Accelerator (If using CA glues in assembly)
  • #11 Razor Blades and Knife Handle
  • Clear Lacquer Sealant Spray (DEFT)


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