SA SPORT 20A Brushless ESC

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SA SPORT 20A Brushless ESC

Our sport 20A ESC, that features simple setup and the features you need.  Pre-configured for LiPo use, auto sense of the cell count and with motor braking function disabled.  Note: This unit is not compatible with our programing cards and ships in the default NIMH battery type configuration.  Please follow the programing instructions below to setup the unit according to your needs.

Item Number: SAP-SPORT20AESC
Current 20A | Max Voltage 12.6 | BEC 2A (linear) | Weight 25g

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Additional Details

Product Features

  • Constant Current | 20A
  • Max Current | 25A  < 10s
  • Battery Compatibility | Li-Poly 2-3 cells; Ni-MH 4-10 cells (Auto Detect)
  • Propeller Braking | Yes (on/off)
  • Receiver Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) : Yes (2A)
  • MAX RPM | 20,000 with 2212 Motors
  • Low Voltage Motor Cut-Off | Yes (Motor Slow down at 3.0V/cell LiPo, cut-off at 2.9V/cell LiPo)
  • Weight 25g
  • Size 34mm x 24mm x 7 mm
  • Includes XT60 connector, pre-soldered to battery input leads
  • Includes 3.5mm gold-bullet connectors, pre-soldered for motor connection

Note: As the flight pack battery voltage/cell count is auto-detected by the ESC, it is advised to only begin a flight with a fully charged battery.  Starting a flight with a mostly discharged pack will lead to errors in the ESC properly applying the low voltage cut-off programing.

Programing Instructions

Never program your model with the propeller attached as serious injury (from a propeller strike) can occur.  PLEASE REMOVE THE PROPELLER FROM YOUR MODEL NOW PRIOR TO ENTERING PROGRAMING.

1. Connect your motor and receiver to the speed controller, but do not connect the battery yet.

2. FIRST turn on your transmitter with the throttle stick in the FULLY ADVANCED/ON POSITION. (Please Note: Most Futaba transmitters have the throttle channel reversed by default.)

3. NOW connect the flight pack battery.  The ESC will immediately go into programing mode sounding off the first sequence of beeps.  Each sequences of beeps corresponds to a program set point and repeats only once (though the ESC will cycle through the programing choices continuously until one is either selected or the unit is powered off).

4. To select a program set point, wait for the desired sequence of beeps to begin, then move the throttle stick to the FULLY RETARDED/OFF POSITION – you will hear a long confirmation beep indicating the set point was accepted.

5. Each time a program set point has been selected, the ESC will exit programing (indicate this with the same long confirmation beep) – then after several seconds the ESC will re-arm emitting the proper tone for your battery selection.  To change another program set point, repeat this process beginning again at Step 1.

Program Set Points (multiple beeps will have a short pause between them)

beep (pause) beep  | cell type LiPO* (3.0V/Cell slow down 2.9V/Cell Cut-Off)

beep-beep (pause) beep-beep | cell type NIMH (0.72V/Cell Cut-Off)

beep-beep-beep (pause) beep-beep-beep | brake** enable / disable*

(* indicates default programing)

(**A note about determining the current state of brake disable/enable – if the brake is currently enabled you will feel resistance (beyond the typical magnetic cogging) when attempting to spin the motor can.  If the motor resists turning, brake is currently enabled.)