Sanding Block Dual Grit 120/240

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Our custom made Sanding Block is made from very high density foam and features both fine 240 and extra-fine 120 grit papers – suitable for wet or dry use.  Unlike those cheap hardware store sanding sponges, our custom Sanding Blocks won’t deform causing unsightly waves and ripples in your work.

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Made in the U.S.A.
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Our excellent dual-grit sanding blocks are back for 2024! After loosing our original manufacturer of this product in 2020 we thought, perhaps we’d never see this great sanding block again.  After an extensive search, we located a vendor that could resume the work, keeping with our high standard of quality.  Our blocks are, once again, being made to our exacting specifications: with high-density foam and dual grit, water proof abrasives.  And best of all our blocks are STILL MADE IN THE U.S.A.  Once you’ve tried our blocks, you’ll wonder how you lived without them for the last four years (we did!).  Unlike those those sad, easily deformed, overly soft and random ‘grit’ (dirt swept up from the back-room floor, of a random shop in China?) covered hardware store sponges – Our premium blocks are long-lasting, with uniform grit and offer just enough give, so as not to damage your model – but are likewise stiff enough to allow you to shape and smooth like a pro.

1 review for Sanding Block Dual Grit 120/240

  1. Phil DeLong

    I generally keep an assortment of 150, 220, and 320/400 grit wet or dry sandpaper, but your sanding block surpasses all…

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