Squirt (400) – Aileron Wing Kit


Owners of our SQuiRT 400 can upgrade their models to aileron control using this snazzy SQuiRT 400 Aileron Wing Kit. This laser-cut wing kit features reduced dihedral, inset barn door ailerons with independent servo control. In addition to the normal building and covering supplies, you’ll need two Hitec HS-55 size servos, a four channel receiver, and a servo Y-harness. No modifications are necessary to your SQuiRT 400 and you can switch back and forth between the original 3-Channel system and this 4-Channel aileron wing upgrade, as desired.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-SQRT400/AWING
Wing span 385 in. | Wing area 260 sq. in. | 4-Channel REAAT
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