reVerb Hand Launch Glider


For aspiring ace pilots! The reVerb™ is a performance tuned version of our Rookie CLG and has been designed with higher powered throwers in mind. Expect higher-tighter launches and better in-thermal performance. Features carbon fiber reinforced boom, Left and right hand finger rest, optimized airfoil, and catapult launch lug.

Kit includes:

  • Pre-cut parts from AAA grade balsa wood to build one reVerb glider
  • Premium 3/16 in. sport rubber and launch handle
  • Computer drawn plans with step by step instruction
  • Flying guide
  • Ballast material

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-REVERB
Wing span 11.6 in. | Wing area 33.5 sq. in. | Flying Weight 0.6 oz.
 Flight Trimming Guide

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Additional Details

reVerb HLG, 12 in. Intermediate Level Hand Launch Glider (Includes Catapult Launch)


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