SA-Sport 30A Brushless ESC


This Sport 30A ESC is a great solution for electric model airplanes that require an electronic speed control capable of handling 2-3 LiPo cells and 30A of continuous current.  The speed control comes with the motor connectors (3.5mm gold bullets) pre-soldered and the battery connector left bare to add your choice of battery connector.

Item Number: SUP30AESC
Current 30A | Max Voltage 12.6 | BEC 3A (linear) | Weight 25g
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Additional Details


Auto-detects 2 or 3 cell Li-Poly pack and adjusts cut-off voltage
Beeps number of cells at startup
Auto-learns throttle range
Safe start
2A BEC – supports 3 servos
Flexible silicone wire

Special Instructions:
Never exceed the recommended battery voltage listed on the package. Do not use a separate battery supply with this controller. Never disconnect the battery supply when the motor is running.

Limited Warranty:
This product is guaranteed to arrive to you operational, beyond that no additional warranty, guarantee of suitability, offer of service, or replacement is provided. We allow 30 days from the date of purchase for the end user to verify the function of this product and make a warranty claim.