08 x 4.5SF Slow Fly Electric | SA Sport Propeller


The SA Sport 8×4.5SF, Slow Fly Electric Flight Propeller is suitable for a wide variety of sport electric model aviation applications.  This 8×4.5SF propeller is made from durable carbon composite plastic and features a series of precision adapter rings to fit a wide variety of motor and propeller shafts.

Item Number: SA-SP08045SF

Diameter 8 in. | Pitch 4.5 in. | Composite Black

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Additional Details

SA Sport Propellers are suitable for a variety of electric flight model aircraft applications where overall value and product performance are desired.

SA Sport 8×4.5SF Slow Fly Electric Flight Propeller Specifications

Propeller Diameter | 8 inch
Pitch | 4.5
Blades | 2
Material | Black Composite Plastic
Weight | 6.5g
Hub Diameter | 14mm
Hub Thickness | 7.5mm
Shaft OD | 5mm
Adaptor Rings (for alternate shaft sizes) | 3/4/5/6mm