SA PRO 30A Brushless ESC


Our new SA PRO 30A ESC features advanced programing and compatibility with the our ESC programing card. Our 30A ESC is ideal for electric model airplanes that require an electronic speed control capable of handling 2-3 LiPo cells and 20A of continuous current.  The speed control comes with the motor connectors (3.5mm gold bullets) pre-soldered and the battery connector left bare to add your choice of battery connector.

Item Number: SAP-PRO30AESC
Current 30A | Max Voltage 12.6 | BEC 2A @ 5V (linear) | Weight 25.4g
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Additional Details

New! SA PRO 30A Brushless ESC

Programable Options:

We suggest changing these options using our compatible programing card.

Brake | on/off
Battery Type | Li-xx / Ni-xx
Cut Off | soft / hard
Cut Off Threshold | low / normal / high
Motor Startup | normal / soft / very soft
Motor Timing | low / middle / high
Music options | off / or choose from 16 tones