RingRat 250 Electric Control Line

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Enter the exciting and nostalgic world of control line flying with the Stevens AeroModel RingRat™ 250 a modern electric powered control line design.  You’ll turn heads at the field with the RingRat 250‘s retro styling and reclaim your childhood without the mess, noise, and long drive to the outskirts of town – clean, quiet, electric powered flight is neighborhood friendly!  The RingRat 250‘s refined flying qualities are docile enough for the beginner yet nimble enough for the aspiring sport pilot.  Our precision cutting and interlocking build produces incredibly satisfying results.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-RRAT250
Wing span 28 1/2 in. | Wing area 250 sq. in. | Flying weight 12 1/2 oz. (more details below)
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Add the motor!

We think the RingRat 250 flys best using our Brushless 400 series motor (2200KV)

Add the flight timer! (ECL)

This E-Zee Control Line Timer communicates with the electronic speed control and allows you to adjust the duration of each flight.

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You're gonna need a few props!

Go ahead tempt fate and add only one propeller to your cart – but don't say that ol'Murphy didn't warn you! This APC 7x3.8 WSF propeller nets big thrust with our BL400 motor. Grab one or more now!

Add a battery!

The Hyperion 1300mAh 7.4V battery ships with the same connector set that our speed control is pre-wired with. And is an ideal match to our suggested electronics package.

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Get a grip!

Add a 1/2A control line handle (we suggest upgrading to steel flying wires)

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Additional Details

Suggested Electronics:
Control Line Timer
30A Electronic Speed Control
Park BL400 (2200KV) Brushless Motor
Suitable propellers – GWS 7×3.5 3-Blade, 8x4HD | APC 7×3.8WSF
1300mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo Battery
Battery Charger capable of charging a 2S 7.4V LiPo Battery

Suggested Finishing Items:
At least one roll of ParkLITE covering film
Thin, Medium and Thick CA glue
Control Line Handle
Control Line Flying Wires

Required to complete

In addition to a basic assortment of modeling tools, you’ll need the following items to complete this model:

Motor SA Sport Park BL400 (2200KV)
Speed Control 30A
Battery LiPo, 7.4V 850 mAh – 1150 mAh
Motor Timer
Propeller, 8×4 Electric
Foam Wheels 2″ Du-Bro 200SL
CA Glue Medium and Thick
1/2A Control Line Handle
SIG 0.012 Braided Stainless Steel Lines 52’ Pair
Covering Film (1 Roll)

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  1. John Prato

    This is a fantastic flying plane, fun to build and a blast to fly! This kit is all laser cut so it goes together quickly and accurately. Bought one for myself and liked it so much I bought one for my son and wife and we’ve had a ball with them. Highly recommended!

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