RingRat 100 Electric Control Line

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Nostalgic good looks, meets light-weight rugged construction, and electric power system (with ground-adjustable throttle); setting the RingRat™ (100) apart from the competition. Docile enough for use as a control line trainer yet sporty enough for entry into stunting. Simple, quick building, all wood construction, complemented by clear photo illustrated instructions.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-RRAT100
Wing span 18 in. | Wing area 100 sq. in. | Flying weight 5.5 oz.  (more details below)
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Add the matched brushless motor

Take the guess work out of powering your RingRat 100 by purchasing the recommended SA-Sport BL300 (2204-14) brushless motor.

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You'll need a speed control

The speed control (ESC) takes it's throttle commands from the motor timer (see below) and delivers finely controled power to the electric motor. This 10A SA-Sport ESC is perfectly matched to our recommended brushless motor.

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Add an electric control line motor timer

This is the magic bit that makes electric control line function. The control line timer governs every aspect of the flight. Delayed start, motor run up, flight time, and motor stop are all easily programable. Our E-Zee timer is the finest on the market - imported from our friends in the UK.

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Don't forget the propeller

Murphy's law is in full effect if you only have one at the field... you'll break it. Better stock up!

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Add a high performance battery

Depending upon usage, expect 3-5 min flights with this battery pack – Fast 5C charge rate provides a fast 15 min recharge.

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Get a grip!

Add the control line handle, flying lines (dacron), and quick connectors to this order.

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Additional Details


  • Ideal entry into Control Line flying.
  • Quiet clean electric motor fly in neighborhood parks, large backyards, and even indoors!
  • Laser Engineered precision laser cut components for true interlocking construction. Light yet rugged airframe survives therigors of training.
  • Spring loaded landing gear smooths out the bumps and absorbs those less than perfect landings without damaging the airframe it’s attached to.
  • Ground adjustable throttle combined with electric power system (see “You’ll Need” tab below) allows you to dial in a flying speed from mild to wild and flight duration from one to several minutes.

Product Includes:

  • Precision laser cut balsa and hardwood components.
  • Pre-Bent shock absorbing landing gear, control horn, linkage, and bellcrank.
  • Motor mount.
  • Photo-illustrated assembly manual.

Required To Complete:

  • SA Sport 300 (2204-14) Brushless Outrunner Motor and 7×3.5 Prop
  • SA Sport 10A Brushless ESC
  • Control Line Timer
  • 325-350 mAh 7.4V LiPo Battery (20C Minimum)
  • 1/2A control line handle and lines
  • 1-2 rolls AeroFILM or AeroLITE covering
  • Thin, Medium, and Thick CA glue
  • Basic modeling tools


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