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Our love for PowerPole® connectors is unfailing!  We’ve tried all the connector fads and keep coming back to the industries undisputed gold standard DC connector, the Anderson PowerPole.  Unlike blade and bullet style contacts, the PowerPole is easy to assemble, secure in operation, yet painless to disconnect.  The PowerPole features silver plated solid copper contacts for unfailing low resistance connections.   Only PowerPoles offer the option to solder or crimp (Yep… there’s a reason why NASA insists on properly crimped connections).  We think you’ll be delighted with a PowerPole for your 100 to 1000w electric model aircraft.  Treat yourself to the best connector on the market!

Item Number: APP30-01
Max Current 55A | Wire Size 12-16AWG | Weight 3.4g (2 conductors)

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Genuine Anderson Powerpole Connector Features & Benefits

Low Resistance Connection – Anderson Powerpole connectors feature silver or tin plated copper contacts.  The rugged plastic housings firmly force the contacts together for glitch free performance.

Color Coded Housings – Red and black housings help avoid costly mistakes.

Secure Design – Each housing features a stainless steel spring that holds the connector in the mated condition – yet allows painless disconnects.

Solder or Crimp – While all of the popular hobby connectors can be soldered, only Anderson Powerpole connectors can crimped (using an approved Anderson crimp tool) to produce flawless low resistance connections.


  • Rated amps per pole | 55A
  • Polarized Housing | Yes
  • 15, 30, and 45A contacts fin in the same housing*
  • Maximum wire size | 12AWG

*All contacts are rated for 55A, the only difference between the contacts is the barrel size of the crimp connection.  Our connectors are listed as 30A models as the crimp connector is sized for 12-16AWG wire which forces the 30A designation.  In our tests Anderson Powerpole connectors perform flawlessly with minimal voltage drop well beyond 55A. 


Max Current | 55A
Duty Cycle | 1000 Use Times
Resistance | 0.60 (30A Wire Contact with 5/8” of #12 AWG)
Max Voltage | AC/DC 600V
Weight | 3.4g (2 conductors)
Suggested Use | Battery/charger
Conductor Material | Silver plated copper
Max Wire Size | 12-16AWG
Plastic Material | Polycarbonate
Rated Temperature | -20℃ to 105℃


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