HobbyZone Motor and Gearbox (Champ)


This HobbyZone, Ultra Micro Motor and Gearbox features a wide-mount, 4:1 ratio gearbox and short-can 8.5mm coreless motor.  With some trimming of the gearbox mounting tabs, this product can be used as a replacement for the PKZ3624 motor and gearbox. This combination originally found service in the HobbyZone Champ and features a shorter motor connection lead and slightly reduced power consumption over the PKZ3624.

If your application allows, consider the upgraded SA8523 product, available in both wide and narrow mounting configurations.

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Additional Details

For those curious, we’ve made several static thrust tests of this motor and averaged the output. These tests were made using a (fresh off the charge) Hyperion G5 130mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo (50c), SPMAS6410L receiver/esc and conducted at 6500′ ASL, at 70°F.

Measured Static Thrust: 30g (1.06 oz) of static thrust with 130mm x 70mm (EFL9051) propeller.
Measured RPM: 6600

Click here to see how this compares to the high performance, SA8523 motor and gearbox combination.

Note: Our tests were performed at high altitude where propeller efficiency is reduced, these may vary somewhat from data obtained at lower elevations.