Hand Launch Glider with Dethermalizer

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The HLG01 was Co-developed by Stevens AeroModel and leading HLG enthusiasts. Our 18 in. entry level competition free flight Hand launch glider kit includes a precision laser cut 5 break wing, sanding jigs, pop-up fuselage with carbon boom, threaded incidence adjusment, serviceable badge DT (de-thermalizer) timer, finger rest, wash-in wedge, and ballast pocket. Thorough photo illustrated instructions, rolled plans, and trim guide are included to ensure your success. (24.5-27g flying weight)

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-HLG01
Wing span 18 in. | Wing area 46 sq. in. | Flying Weight 0.9 oz.
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Make it stick!

Add a bottle of Zap-A-Gap, medium CA glue (1/4 oz).

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Don't forget the glue tips!

Using glue tips really cleans up your work and allows for more precise application of CA glue.

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