Fokker D.VII UM

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Flown in WWI by German aces such as Erich Lowenhart, Ernest Udet, and Herman Goring, among others, the Fokker D.VII earned a reputation as a top fighter aircraft. It was said that the airplane could make a poor pilot good, and a good pilot an ace. After the war the D.VII saw service with a number of countries including Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, the Soviet Union, and the United States as well as many others. The Fokker D.VII was operational with the Swiss Air Force into the early 1930’s.

The Stevens AeroModel Fokker D.VII builds quick thanks to an interlocking laser-cut assembly method. With docile flight manners and agile performance, this micro Fokker D.VII is sure to bring excitement to morning “dawn patrols”, or as a worthy opponent to our micro SE5a, as you relive the aerial dogfights of the Great War in your local gym, or your favorite flying site. Build It!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-DVIIUM
Wing span 16.5 in. | Wing area 76 sq. in. | Flying weight 1.8 oz. | 3-channel (RET)

11.19.2022 Update: Now directly supports SAR6410 receivers.
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Add the propeller!

This E-Flite (EFL9051) propeller includes a rubber spinner and simply threads onto the output shaft of the PKZ3624 gearbox.

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Add the motor!

This long-can 8.5mm motor offers the best performance in its class.

Add the gearbox!

This gearbox is required to mount the 8.5mm motor (above) within this model.

Add the all-in-one ultra micro receiver.

Add this all-in-one ultra micro receiver. Includes onboard servos and speed control. Compatible with Spektrum DSM2/X radios.

Add the decals!

Get our full color, CNC cut, custom decal package to reproduce this classic German scheme on your own D.VII

Add white AeroLITE PatchPak!

To complete the model as pictured, add one PatchPak of white AeroLITE covering.

Add red AeroLITE PatchPak!

To complete the model as pictured, add one PatchPak of red AeroLITE covering.

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Additional Details


Wing Span | 16.5 in
Overall Length | 12.5 in
Wing Area | 76 in²
Flying Weight | 1.8 oz
Wing Loading | 3.4 oz/ft²

Controls Required | 3 channel, R/E/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Micro Indoor


  • Step-by-step illustrated assembly manual
  • Full size detail drawings and markings template for traditional “Baron” scheme.
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Includes full color profile pilot and radiator decals
  • Comprehensive hardware package

Required Electronics

  • ParkZone® Brushed Motor | SA8523 or PKZ3624
  • ParkZone Electronics | SAR6410/S, SAR6410/F or PKZ3352* (servo/esc/receiver)
  • E-Flite® Propeller | SA9051 or EFL9051
  • Battery | LiPo 3.7V 130-160 mAh (25C)

* The ParkZone PKZ3352 and PKZ3624 have been discontinued by the vendor. We suggest moving to the newer SA8523/N motor-gearbox and SAR6410 receiver.

Required finishing items:

  • Covering film | 2 PatchPak™ AeroLITE™
  • CA Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick Adhesives


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