Edge 540 Pattern 3D Aerobat

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Our Edge 540 laser-cut model airplane kit was born out of the demand for a lightweight, scale, 3D capable aircraft, based upon our innovative interlocking construction techniques.  The Edge 540 features a predictable flight envelope and delights intermediate and advanced level pilots with point and go precision tracking, clean snap / spin characteristics, and excellent Knife Edge performance.  Beyond the stall, the Edge 540 rips through all the 3D aerobatics you care to dish out – gracefully transitioning into these deeply stalled 3D maneuvers.

Our Edge 540 laser-cut kit is a very accessible build even for the novice builder.  Our all laser-cut tab and notch style construction, clear plans, and photo illustrated instructions help ensure your success.  BuildIt!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-EDGE540
Edge 540 kits are cut-to-order – please allow 5-7 business days to ship this item.
Wing span 50 in. | Wing area 440 sq. in. | Flying weight 30 oz. | 4-Channel REAAT

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Additional Details


Wing Span | 50 in
Overall Length | 45 in
Wing Area | 440 in2
Flying Weight | 30 oz
Wing Loading | 9.8 oz/ft2

Controls Required | 4-6 channel, R/E/A/A/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply / Carbon Fiber
Category | Pattern / 3D Aerobat


  • Illustrated instruction manual | plans | 3D flying primer
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Pre-bent wire landing gear
  • Carbon fiber main spar
  • Comprehensive hardware package
  • Molded plastic cowl and canopy

Required Electronics

Required finishing items

  • Covering film | 2 Rolls ParkLite
  • CA Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick Adhesives

1 review for Edge 540 Pattern 3D Aerobat

  1. garryfinlay (verified owner)

    It’s a complex, well engineered, high performance model airplane kit that is both challenging and rewarding. If built carefully, it will look good and fly great.

    With more thrust than weight, low wing loading and large control surfaces the Edge 540 performs very well within a wide flight envelope. It will lift off the runway after reaching ½ throttle and climb vertically with ¾ throttle. The thrust line, and control surfaces align to keep control coupling to a minimum. It tracks straight and level at all airspeeds. It has enough elevator authority that it can be stalled at nearly any airspeed which produces impressive snap rolls. With an aft CG, inverted flight needs little to no down elevator. Knife edge flight pulls slightly to the canopy. And with the power off, it floats along at a very low airspeed before stalling.

    With a neutral balance, mild power and low control throws, flying conventional “big-air” pattern maneuvers is very rewarding. High control surface deflections, an aft CG and high power levels produce respectable 3D performance. It will slow down while retaining full control all the way through a stall. Landings are slow and smooth. The large rudder provides great ground handling, even in a crosswind.

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