E-Zee Servo Operated DT (SDG)


The E–Zee (SDG), Servo Opperated Dethermalizer (DT) for Free Flight Gliders. timer was developed to meet the needs of sports glider flyers, where accurate and dependable control of flight time is essential to prevent long downwind recovery times or fly- aways. The timer drives a D/T servo to terminate the flight, the DT periods being set by a simple push button / LED interface. The weight of the avionics is used as ballast, so there is no overall weight gain; this timer has proved especially popular for 36 inch Hi Start gliders and operates from a 1s (single cell) Li- Po battery. This is a fantastic timer for operation of a servo controlled DT in any free flight application, available at a reasonable price.

Length 30mm | Width 14mm | Height 9mm | Weight 2.2g

Made in the UK

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Additional Details

Programing Features:

  • D/T duration:-adjustable 10 seconds to 5 minutes, set in 10 second increments
  • push button immediately cancels the flight at any time
  • duration settings are saved in memory – so a single button push serves to repeat a flight

Product Features:

The timer is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and users guide.

Why choose a Den’s Model Supply E-Zee Timer?

Electric Flight is clean and quiet, making it ideal for sports flying in the 21st century environment. The huge Electric RC market ensures that components such as motors and ESC’s for Free Flight are available at very attractive prices and are totally reliable. Battery technology has progressed such that the weight of an electric power train can be similar or better than conventional glow or diesel power. The range of E-ZEE timers have been designed and developed so that sports flyers can enjoy all these advantages at a realistic price.

The timers have been designed and manufactured by Alan Bond of Forge Electronics in the UK exclusively for Dens Model Supplies, Stevens AeroModel www.stevensaero.com is the exclusive stockist in the USA.


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