RV-4 (350) 1:8 Scale, Laser-cut Kit

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We developed the 1:8 Scale RV-4 for publication in balsabuilder magazine.  The 35 in. span RV-4 (350) is a is a complete redesign of our classic brushed speed 300 kit offering.  We refreshed the design to increase the models appeal to both kit and traditional plans builders alike.  We think the updated RV-4 is a great improvement over the original, with a reduced parts count and easier to handle materials, the structure remains light, sturdy, and ridiculously simple to frame – this makes the balsabuilder version of our classic easier to handle, sturdier, and more refined.

We are excited to offer the RV-4 in full kit form.  This comprehensive kit offering includes a full complement of laser-cut ribs, formers, and shape parts along with: balsa wood strip stock, plans, construction article, pre-formed landing gear, canopy, cowl, wheel pant kit, and thorough hardware package.

Published 2018: Issue 7 of balsabuilder Magazine – designed and manufactured by Stevens AeroModel.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: BBM-FK018
Wing span 35 in. | Wing area 250 sq. in. | Flying Weight 17 oz. | 4-Channel REAAT
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Add our Lucky "7" decals!

Everyone needs a bit more luck so add our Lucky "7" decals it is like having crash insurance... well maybe not... but they sure look great!

Add the motor!

The RV-4 has been designed for the Park BL400 (1400KV) motor.

Add the ESC!

Our 20A ESC is perfectly matched to the recommended motor and comes with pre-soldered 3.5mm gold bullets – for a plug and play installation.

Add the propeller!

We suggest the SA Sport 8x5 SF style propeller when outfitting the RV-4 recommended. Add one or more now.

Add four servos! × 4

The RV-4 requires four PHD-1900A (or similar HS-55 sized) micro servos, add these to your order.

Add the receiver!

The Spektrum AR410 receiver works great in this application (you'll want to pick up a servo "Y" harness as well).

Out of stock

Add a "Y" Harness

When using a 4-Channel receiver you'll want to run a servo "Y" harness to link the aileron servos.

Add the battery!

We suggest the ThunderPower 1350 mAh 7.4V battery for this application.

This product is cut to order, please allow 5-7 business days for production.

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Additional Details

Kit Includes

  • Precision laser-cut parts from hand-selected AAA balsa wood
  • All required balsa strip stock to complete the model
  • Full-size CAD drawn printed plans
  • Construction article as published in Issue 7 of balsabuilder magazine detailing the build process
  • Pre-formed wire landing gear
  • Clear Canopy
  • Styrene Cowl (two piece)
  • 1 1/2 in. wheel pant kit
  • Hardware package including: DU-BRO control horns, push-rods, foam wheels, and fastener package.


  • Basic modeling tools (knife, sanding block, T-pins, etc..)
  • Your favorite adhesive for construction (CA, Aliphatic, or Nitrocellulose)
  • Covering film, trim tape (for your snazzy design), paints to match your scheme.
  • Power system and electronics (specifications below)

Model Specifications
Wingspan | 35 in.
Area | 250 sq. in.
Average Flying Weight | 17 oz.

Motor | BL400 motor 1400KV (SA Sport 2212-10)
Speed Control | 20A
Battery | 7.4V 1100 mAh LiPo
Propeller | APC 8×4.7 SF
Servos | Hitec HS-55 (4 required)
Radio | 4-6 channel transmitter and receiver (Servo Y Harness with 4-Ch TX)

2 reviews for RV-4 (350) 1:8 Scale, Laser-cut Kit

  1. Geoffrey Cooper (verified owner)

    I bought the RV-4 kit from Stevens Aero several months into Covid restrictions as a way to get back into modelling after a 30year hiatus. It turned out to be a fantastic decision; a fabulously straight-forward build process with amazing detailed instructions, plans and laser cut parts. Plus, it’s a docile, easy to fly trainer with a 2S battery pack, or a aerobatic capable scale headturner with a 3S. Also robust enough to take some ‘beginner’ landings without a scratch. This plane and kit has it all!
    I’ve been flying it now for about a month and can report that it really has been an absolute joy to fly, build and own. So easy to fly confidently, convienent (easy to get to battery, easy to put in the car etc), looks fantastic and offers beginner and experienced pilots alike a fun fly every time.
    I would suggest a few things ‘alterations’ based on my experience; firstly you’ll want to have a 3S battery (with same motor and ESC) at your disposal as the 2S can leave you wanting more power (particularly at takeoff). I’m running a 1600mAh 3S and I get about 8min of full throttle aerobatics.
    Secondly, unless you have glass top runways, I’d loose the wheel spats/covers as they tend to dig in on landing and takeoff. I also had then puncture the wing on a heavy landing, so if you’re learning, leave them off. It’s also very light…so you need it to be a pretty still day to enjoy it to its full.
    Otherwise, probably the nicest plane I’ve built and flown. Highly recommended! Thanks Stevens!

  2. Mark Nye (verified owner)

    Last week I completed and flew the RV-4 built from kit by SA. Like my four previous SA builds, the kit was exceptional and the plane flies great. Based upon the previous review, I elected to power with 3S. With BL400 (1400kv) motor, 30A Smart Esc, APC 7x4E prop and 3S1300 Smart battery, I get ~7 minutes of flight before the battery reads storage voltage. Max current draw is 17.0 amps. I installed HS-5055MG servos and an AR630 Rx in a 5 channel (REAAT) set up so I could have flaperon functionality.

    Assembly of the kit was easy and straight forward, but I submit that this is more of an intermediate build due to the format of the instructions. In the other SA kits that I built, the instructions were all inclusive and very easy for a beginner to follow. With this kit, the instructions are more designed to accompany the plans so some skill with using plans is helpful. This would be an easy second or third build, but I would stick with something like the Sky Buggy 300 for a first.

    I am very pleased with how the RV-4 flies. On 3S the plane has “zippy” performance but is not overpowered. It is not capable of 3D, but on high rates it has a good roll rate and has no trouble with any of the standard pattern aerobatic maneuvers. The size of the plane makes it a great flyer in smaller fields, and it is capable of both short takeoffs and landings. I am very happy with this purchase and look forward to my next SA build.

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