BBM FlatRat – Electric Control Line

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A complete kit to build the BalsaBuilder Magazine FlatRat control line trainer.  This product includes plans, laser-cut parts, hardware, bell crank, and wire lead outs.  Requires: handle, covering, and your electronics!  See the product specifications below for more details.

Made in Colorado, USA

Item Number: BBM-FK009
Wing span 18 in. | Wing area 100 sq. in. | Flying Weight 7.5 oz. (more details below)
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Add the motor!

We designed the FlatRat to fly best using the Park BL300 motor. Add one to this order.

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Add the speed controller

An electronic speed control (ESC) is still an essential part of powering your electric control line model. Add one to this order.

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Add the timer!

This is where the magic happens! Our electric control line timer provides automatic start, stop, and run-time control as well as many other parameters to fine-tune your control line flight. Add this timer to your order!F

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You'll need a propeller

Your going to need a propeller. Training? – better grab a few!

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Add a high performance battery

Depending upon usage, expect 3-5 min flights with this battery pack – Fast 5C charge rate provides a fast 15 min recharge.

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Get a grip!

Add the control line handle, flying lines (dacron), and quick connectors to this order.

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