SportStick Laser-cut Kit

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This bundle includes the full laser-cut balsa wood parts package to assemble the balsabuilder SPORTstik™ wing kit.  For your convenience, this package includes a set of full-size plans, construction article, all required balsa wood strip stock, control horns (4), push-rod stock with rod ends and adjustable connectors (4), and landing gear stock to finish the SPORTstik™, with your donor GWS Slow Stick fuselage parts*.

Featured in Volume 1 | Issue 4 of balsabuilder magazine.

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: BBM-FK012
Wing span 40 in. | Wing area 375 sq. in. | Flying Weight 16 oz.

*Note: As this product was developed as an upgrade to an existing GWS Slow Stick airframe, you will need to either provide a donor GWS Slow Stick fuselage or purchase the plastic parts kit, fuselage boom, motor mount, and wheel assemblies as given in the options below – to assemble a complete airframe.

Add the 10mm fiberglass fuselage boom!

This model requires the GWS 10mm fuselage boom. This two part fiberglass boom should be combined with the plastic parts listed below.

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Add the brushless motor mount!

If you plan to mount any out-runner style brushless motor, you'll need to purchase this mount.

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Add the main gear wheels!

These 2 3/4 lightweight foam wheels look great and roll well through grass. A welcome upgrade from the old style spindle wheels that came stock with the GWS Slow Stick.

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Add a tail wheel!

This premium tail wheel features a finely machined aluminum hub and solid rubber tire.

Add the brushless motor!

We've had great results mounting our SA Sport Park BL450 brushless motor to this airframe. (don't forget to grab the motor mount above)

Add a compatible ESC!

Our SA Pro 30A ESC is pre-wired to be plug and play with the suggested motor and battery combination for this model.

Add the propeller!

Add one or more propellers to this package. The 10x7 APC SF prop is well matched to the suggested motor and 2S LiPo applications. Add one or more now!

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