APC 07x6E Electric Propeller


APC Thin Electric Propellers have been designed exclusively for high performance electric model aircraft. Unlike many companies that off-shore their work, APC Propellers have been manufactured in the USA since 1989 – this ensures the highest quality product for your model aircraft. APC Propellers are time tested and proven to be the most efficient, silent, and innovative injection molded propellers on the market.

Includes adapter rings to support popular motor output shaft sizes.

Made in the USA
Item Number: APC07060E
Diameter 7 in. | Pitch 6 in. | Shaft Bore 1/4 in. | Weight .32 oz.

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Additional Details

Thin Electric
Use APCAR18SF or APCARM12SF adapter rings
Includes one set of rings from APCAR18SF

Product Specifications

Propeller Diameter (in.) | 7
Pitch (inches) | 6
Hub Diameter | 0.50 in.
Hub Thickness | 0.34 in.
Shaft Diameter | 1/4 in.
Product Weight | 0.32 oz.
Color | GREY

Technical Notes

Suggested RPM limits for APC propellers:

Speed 400 Electric Propellers
Maximum RPM=190,000/prop diameter (inches)

Thin Electric (E) Propellers
Maximum RPM=145,000/prop diameter (inches)

Slow Flyer (SF) Propellers
Maximum RPM=65,000/prop diameter (inches)

Important! Please abide by the safety practices recommended by propeller manufactures – this is especially important for high performance propellers. Assume that propellers can fail at any time, especially during full power adjustments on the ground. Never stand in or expose others to the plane of the propeller arc.


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