06 x 3.0HD Electric | SA Sport Propeller


The SA Sport 6×3 HD Electric Flight Propeller is a worthy replacement to the popular GWS 6×3 Hyper Drive style prop of years past.  This is an ideal mate to our popular Park 250 Brushless Motor.

Item Number: SA-SP6030HD

Diameter 6 in. | Pitch 3 in. | Max RPM 11500 | Black

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Additional Details

We’ve modernized the design of the original 6×3 HD Propeller to accommodate newer power systems, eliminating the M3 hex nut mounting (as on the original GWS HD) and implementing a series of snap-in precision fit adaptor rings.  To fit our new 6×3 HD Propeller to your motor shaft, simply select the proper ring for a given standard size motor shaft, or ream out any smaller diameter ring for to fit your custom application.

SA Sport 6×3 HD Electric Flight Propeller Specifications

Propeller Diameter | 6 inch
Pitch | 3
Blades | 2
Material | Black Composite Plastic
Maximum RPM | 11500
Weight | 3.5g
Hub Diameter | 13mm
Hub Thickness | 7mm
Shaft OD | 5mm
Adaptor Rings (for alternate shaft sizes) | 1.3/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5/7.5mm