4 Channel UM Receiver w/Brushed ESC (SFHSS)

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Futaba customers rejoice!  This 4 Channel UM Receiver w/Brushed ESC is now available in a Futaba SFHSS compatible version and features two on-board linear servos that are mapped to Rudder and Elevator.  The board comes pre-wired with a three inch battery lead with UM connector and a two pin female motor plug (1.27mm spacing).

Compatible with Futaba SFHSS transmitters
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Product Highlights
Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver
Onboard linear servos mapped to Rudder and Elevator
Built-in 3A brushed ESC with throttle lock
Independent output for connecting external ESC (soldering required)

Size: 24.5 x 24 x 7.4mm (not including power leads)
Weight: 3.5g
Input voltage: 3.5~5.0V

Caution!  When binding or making adjustments to the servo and ESC functions, remove the propeller from the model to prevent injury or damage.

Binding instructions
Set your Futaba transmitter to SFHSS mode, then turn off transmitter. Now plug the binding cable into the reverse aileron port. Power on the receiver and it will enter binding mode, indicated by a rapid flashing of the onboard LED light. Turn on the Futaba transmitter to bind the receiver. The completed binding process will be indicated by the rapid flashing LED changing to a solid light – this indicates that the receiver is getting signal from the transmitter.

Releasing the throttle lock function
The receiver features a throttle lock for the brushed speed controller.  When power is initially connected to the receiver, the output for the onboard ESC is locked.  To unlock and start the throttle, move the throttle stick to the lowest position – the red LED on the receiver will flash once, indicating the onboard ESC is unlocked.  If you experience difficulties with the receiver unlocking the throttle, this can indicate a problem with the receiver recognizing the lowest throttle stick position – this is often due to the throttle channel being reversed, or the throttle endpoint not being set low enough.  See your transmitter owner manual for guidance on how to adjust the low throttle endpoint and/or reverse the throttle channel.


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