3.5mm Bullet Connector Set


Our 3.5mm Bullet Connector Set features three male and female pairs of gold plated brass connectors. Intended for making the connection between a brushless speed control (ESC) and motor. This is the same connector set we have selected for use on SA Sport motors with the 2212, 2217, 2810, and 2814 designations and our 20 and 30A ESC. Added value! Includes heat shrink tube.

Item Number: SAP-BULLET35
Size 3.5mm | Package 3 Pair (see additional details below)

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Additional Details

This 3.5mm Bullet Connector set features a gold plated male post (with contact springs) that fits into a gold plated female barrel connector.  The fit of the two parts is very secure.

Specifications :

(3) Male 3.5mm Male Pin Connectors 12mm L | 4.75mm OD | 4mm Spring-type Connector
(3) Female Barrel Connectors  12mm L | 4.75mm OD | 3.6mm ID
3.5mm solder well, supports up to 8 AWG wire
Includes 6 pieces of Heat Shrink Tubing

Installation Instructions:

Solder the male (pin) connector to the output leads of your motor and insulate with the provided heat shrink tubing.  The heat shrink tubing should cover the base of the male connector, stopping short of the connection pin.

Solder the female (barrel) connector to the motor connection leads of your ESC and insulate with the provided heat shrink tubing.  The heat shrink tubing should completely cover the ends of the female connector.

When installing new connectors on an ESC or Motor, it is suggested to change both the male (pin) and female (barrel) connectors with connectors from the new pack.

Note: This product is manufactured for our line of SA Sport motors, we make no claim as to the suitability for use in other vendor applications.