1919 Ricci Triplane UM

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Our designers took a trip in the “way back machine” to discover the 1919 Ricci Triplane.  Designed by brothers Umberto and Ettore Ricci the original Ricci Triplane featured a scant 10' 7″ wing span.  Stevens AeroModel is pleased to offer this blast from Italy's past in a precision laser-cut balsa wood model airplane kit.  Our interlocking, precision cut, design frames quick into an attractive indoor micro flyer – with impeccable handling.  Our example of the 1919 Ricci Triplane has been designed to receive popular micro electronics – equip yours as we have specified and your certain to have success!

Made in Colorado, USA
Item Number: SAK-RICCIUM
Wing span 11.6 in. | Wing area 78 sq. in. | Flying weight 1.75 oz. | 3-channel (RET)
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Add the decals!

This color decal set is precision-cut from premium white vinyl and ready for application to your 1919 Ricci Triplane.

Add the motor and gearbox!

Our Ricci triplane flies great on this motor and gearbox.

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Add the propeller!

This E-Flite (EFL9051) propeller includes a rubber spinner and simply threads onto the output shaft of the PKZ3624 gearbox.

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Add the Dark Green covering!

Add one PatchPak of Dark Green AeroLITE covering film!

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Add the Antique White covering!

Add one PatchPak of Antique White AeroLITE covering film!

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Add the receiver and servos!

This model has been designed to fly its best using ParkZone 3352 - requires a Spectrum DSMX/2 compatible transmitter.

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Additional Details


There is not a lot of information available on this quirky little design. What attracted us to it as a potential model design was a wonderful line drawing that we had stashed away in our future projects file. A search of the internet yielded some additional information including a few photos.

Lifelong Italian aviation enthusiasts, brothers Umberto and Ettore Ricci, started their aviation careers with rigid hot-air airship models and free flight gliders, designed and built in their youth. They went on to design huge flying boats, and a series of small aircraft, conceived as flying motorcycles. The Ricci Triplane is one of these designs. The 10-foot, 7-inch wing span aircraft, was powered by a six-cylinder Anzani engine that could propel the plane through the sky at approximately 78 miles per hour. The lovely little triplane was built for a competition of small light aircraft, held in 1919, it came in behind a few other competitors, including the little Breda Pensuti Triplane.

Although The Ricci Triplane is largely forgotten today, it can still take to the skies – in model form at least. The Stevens AeroModel Ricci Triplane UM features a modern kit design that builds trouble-free and quickly, thanks to modern design processes, pioneered by Stevens AeroModel.


Wing Span | 11.6 in
Overall Length | 11 in
Wing Area | 78 in²
Flying Weight | 1.75 oz
Wing Loading | 2.8 oz/ft²

Controls Required | 3 channel, R/E/T
Construction | Balsa / Ply
Category | Micro Indoor


  • Step-by-step illustrated assembly manual
  • Full size detail drawings
  • Hand selected laser-cut AAA balsa and hardwood stock
  • Laser-cut acetate windscreen and profile pilot
  • Comprehensive hardware package

Required Electronics

  • ParkZone® Brushed Motor | PKZ3624
  • ParkZone Electronics | PKZ3352 (servo/esc/receiver)
  • E-Flite® Propeller | EFL9051
  • Battery | LiPo 3.7V 130-160 mAh (25C)

ParkZone and E-Flite are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, LLC

Required finishing items:

  • Covering film | 2 PatchPak™ AeroLITE™
  • CA Glue | Thin, Medium, and Thick Adhesives



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