RC Primary Trainers

Building and Flying Radio Control Models

We’ve got you covered with a wide assortment of quick building, gentle flying, durable RC primary trainers.  Nothing flies better and repairs easier than a balsa model airplane and if you’ve built it yourself – you’ll know how to fix it, in the unlikely event it will require significant repair.

If you want to get in the air the quickest way possible and think you might like to try your hand at building.

  • Start with one of our comprehensive stevensaero laser-cut kit builds.
  • These kits typically ship with all required hardware to complete the basic airframe and are laser-cut to perfection and feature step-by step photo illustrated instructions.
  • A stevensaero laser-cut kit assembles like a highly engineered jigsaw puzzle in place of plans, these kits ship with completely pre-fabricated parts and step-by-step photo illustrated instructions.

If you’re handy, a quick visual learner, and want to learn more traditional building techniques.

  • Start with a balsabuilder product – these products are offered in two levels: plans only with an option to purchase our supporting laser-cut parts and comprehensive laser-cut kits (which include all supporting hardware and strip wood stock to complete the basic airframe).
  • balsabuilder projects are specifically geared towards beginners looking to develop core model building skills.
  • balsabuilder uses a hybrid of modern laser-cut interlocking construction paired with traditional stick building techniques.
  • A balsabuilder model airplane will feature highly detailed, professionally drafted full-size plans, photo illustrated construction article, and interlocking laser-cut parts (where appropriate), and comprehensive hardware packages.

When you are ready to learn more!

  • Check out balsabuilder magazine, which features more in-depth building advice and techniques.  Published infrequently but chocked full of timeless information!