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Groove 480

Just finished my groove 480. Had her maiden flight today. 2 successful takeoffs and landings. Nothing too crazy today just some lazy flying to get her trimmed in. Threw in a few loops and rolls right before landing. Only changes I made was to place both empenage servos under the wing and bigger tires because… Read more “Groove 480”

Tom Comparet

Helium MG3

Without a doubt the finest, easiest to build kit I have ever had the pleasure of working on if it can be called work!  Technical support, especially for us old nitro fuel guys adjusting to e-power, has been excellent. More 60” to 72” kits… Read more “Helium MG3”

Rodney Senn

Great products and service!

I just want to thank you guys for the great service and products I’ve received! I’ve finished the assembly of the QuickOats (250). It just needs finish sanding and covering. Most impressive was how clear and easy-to-understand the instructions were and how nice “every” part fit! Line on line fit! At about eight or nine… Read more “Great products and service!”

Jim Fulton

I built the RV-4 in 2005 or 2006

The RV-4 was my first Stevens kit.  Electronics were first generation Spectrum on DSM2, this was in 2005 or 2006. The all laser-cut kit RV-4 was ahead of its time, as I used to building with templates, print wood or die cut parts. My RV-4 was powered by an AXI2212-34.  When I brought the model… Read more “I built the RV-4 in 2005 or 2006”


Impressive quality

I’m relatively new to balsa building and have completed two prior kits from a different manufacturer. My third kit was the FREDe from Stevens Aeromodel and I have to tell you I’m blown away by the quality of the laser cutting and precision of the fit. I’m having so much fun building this kit I… Read more “Impressive quality”

Andy Gatenby

Fabulous Laser Cutting!

I’ve built a handful of, mostly micro, kits from you and the quality of the laser cutting is fabulous! I sometimes need to just swipe a piece of very fine sandpaper across a piece here and there to loosen a tight fit but that’s much superior to a gap between parts. The ID of the… Read more “Fabulous Laser Cutting!”

John Carpenter

Trexler model airplane wheels

Always a quick response for your questions and needs Shipping is always before or on time with high quality items Thanks to all the folks at Stevens Areo for there help and professional services there running Your repeat costume… Read more “Trexler model airplane wheels”

Mark Luke


3rd build for me as a new builder, I enjoyed building this… Read more “Rv4”

James Graham

Amazing Product – Amazing Service

There are several ways to judge a product… Product Quality: The G480 is amazing, nothing else need be said. Instruction Complete Material Top notch Fit and precision amazing. Customer Service: My package had a tough trip through the mail, I called and replacement parts were sent immediately. I had some beginner questions and they were… Read more “Amazing Product – Amazing Service”

David Babson

Champ Motor Upgrade!

My champ was in permanent storage because the gears were messed up so i decided to take a chance and get the high performance micro motor SA8523/N with the wide mount gear box. It was here super fast in a couple days and It only took a couple minutes to install. Like the blink of… Read more “Champ Motor Upgrade!”


Nice boat kits!

Have put together several of the WaterBoard boats, they are very nice quality. I would like to see more RC boat kits from… Read more “Nice boat kits!”


EZ Piet

Terrific Kit! Exquisitely detailed Model T motor with the big radiator makes it. Flies beautifully and can take some wind believe it or not. Into the wind, it’s almost like controlling an umbrella with a radiator- it floats, folks. If one wanted to, they could easily add ailerons. It’s all there. But I decided to… Read more “EZ Piet”

Jake Stephenson

Very helpful in every way!

Very helpful in every way.  High quality items with on time delivery. Highly recommended seller for your model building needs.… Read more “Very helpful in every way!”

Mark Luke

Quick Oats Build

I really think you guys spent the time with your product. It was almost to easy to build!!! I like it. I have flown it yet because we have had high winds for a week. I added pins to the surfaces instead of tape. I also added wheel locks instead of bending. We will see… Read more “Quick Oats Build”

Vaughn Taylor

Highest Quality Kits

I’ve built three of their kits and counting – you will not find a better quality kit with unmatched attention to detail. The instructions are accurate and complete. You would be hard pressed to find even a spelling error! On top of the quality, they also fly… Read more “Highest Quality Kits”

Paul Riskey Jr

Shaft 400 – laser-cut kit

Wow what a fast building, quality kit! I’m amazed at the thought that went into it. I normally build bigger nitro aircraft but decided to try something small and electric – so I did some research ordered this kit and started building and thought “wow what a easy building kit” – plus great quality balsa.… Read more “Shaft 400 – laser-cut kit”


HLG01 – A Great Kit!

I have just recently returned to the hobby after 55 years; a lot has changed. I’m relearning techniques and trying also to develop a quality vendor list. You have surpassed all other vendors (and there are some really great ones). You Are very professional. You kept me informed about my order, promptly shipped it, and… Read more “HLG01 – A Great Kit!”

Rick finney

Awesome Kits!

I purchased the flat bottom boat, and it is wonderful. These kits are well designed and the instructions are easy to follow. I look forward to future… Read more “Awesome Kits!”

Billy Green

The BuzzBomb is a Blast!

Hello, I just recently purchased your BuzzBomb kit and had a blast building it. Get it? A BLAST building it. I kill myself. LOL!  Seriously though…it really was a fun kit to put together and I can’t wait to maiden it as soon as my new LiPo battery arrives in the mail. I’ve always loved… Read more “The BuzzBomb is a Blast!”

Michael Bacon

I like your kits!

I like your kits and have ordered four and would like to see more in the 22 in. to 30 in. span. Thank You,… Read more “I like your kits!”



We just love your products. The re-Run is so much fun. Having fun getting the kids envolved. Thank you,… Read more “Quality!”

Michael J Higinbotham

SkyBoy 600

I’m amazed at the quality of the Laser cutting of this kit and how well parts fit together. The “engineering “ that has gone into this plane blows me away. Hardest part is locating the parts but it’s not really that difficult. Looking forward to seeing this airplane maiden in early… Read more “SkyBoy 600”

Martin Harris

The quality just blows me away…

I received my kit yesterday and the quality just blows me away. Looking forward to this build. Hopefully we’ll share some progress pics on… Read more “The quality just blows me away…”

Marty Harris

Waterboard – Mini

If you want to have a blast on a small patch of water (or snow I suppose) then this is the kit to buy! This is the third Waterboard Mini and it is just perfection to build. The instructions are accurate and complete with the additional tuning tips to get your boat planing and running… Read more “Waterboard – Mini”

John Harding

Re-Run Kit

Just received my Re-Run! As per my experience with Stevens Aero kits, it is just the bee’s knees! I am tickled pink! Kit is complete, all the way down to the 5 cent ballast! Thought that was rather cute of ya’ll. Many thanks, for an excellent product,… Read more “Re-Run Kit”

Everett Simmons

Just completed my first Steves Aero model kit and it won’t be my last!

I finally got around to trying one of your kits that I purchased at the AMA convention. All I can say is WOW! What well designed kit! Excellent wood, clear instructions and awesome design choices. I have converted a couple of Guillows kits to RC which can be a little bit of a challenge but… Read more “Just completed my first Steves Aero model kit and it won’t be my last!”

Jonathan Roybal

Rockette Twins

I purchased a couple Rockette kits at the AMA Expo West last month so a coworker and I could build them to fly in a hangar at work. We finished them up this week, and WOW where they FUN to build! We put maybe 20 hours total into each, and were thoroughly impressed at the… Read more “Rockette Twins”

Powell Brown

Swift 100

Have been flying my Swift 100 in the evenings when the wind is almost stopped. It is absolutely a blast to fly. I can’t believe everything that little plane can do. I have built three Stevens models now, and in all my building and flying days,(which are quite a few) I have never seen such… Read more “Swift 100”

Wiltz Bernard

Almost fool-proof

The Baby Ace I have is one of my favorites and it’s making my other planes jealous. It’s been eaten by trees, had its wing ripped off several times, chased by a German Shepherd and keeps on flying. Meanwhile, I have foamies sitting on the shelf. The good news is they have “organs” waiting to… Read more “Almost fool-proof”

Jake Stephenson

All joy – no hassles!

Keep up the good work! I’m having a ball making balsa dust in my workshop again. I’ve always held that styrofoam has no soul. Building a Stevens AeroModel kit brings back all the joy of the stick-and-tissue modeling I enjoyed as a kid – with none of the… Read more “All joy – no hassles!”

Mark Frankum

A game changer!

I am a disabled veteran with limited mobility.  I have been building balsa wood models for years, Guillows in particular. I read about Stevens AeroModel in one of the RC forums. So I found a hobby shop about 60 miles from me that had your products and bought one, in particular the Taylorcraft with “Duane… Read more “A game changer!”

W. Val

We couldn’t believe how nice it flies (right off the board)!

I have been trading your (micro) kits to a young man (12 years old) for yard work. I think I’ve created a new model builder !!! He loves it. Another friend, who only flew 3/D worked together with me building your “Helium MG2” glider. We couldn’t believe how nice it flies (right off the board).… Read more “We couldn’t believe how nice it flies (right off the board)!”

Norm Smith

I can’t believe the quality of your kits!

I can’t believe the quality of your kits! I’ve been building models since the early 50’s and have never had the pleasure of something as enjoyable as your S-POU kit. The parts fit is astounding, the plans are first class and the engineering is a work of art. The balsa is some of the best… Read more “I can’t believe the quality of your kits!”

Erick J Villano

Easy to assemble model airplane

I recieved one of your kits wanting to get into building them and i was amazed!!! It was so easy to assemble and is a great looking plane!! I liked it so much that i have already ordered another… Read more “Easy to assemble model airplane”

Corbin Wiley

Helium Motor Glider is Fun!

I bought a helium a year ago built this plane and flew it for about a year and love it. It was fun building this plane and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to build an fly it has been… Read more “Helium Motor Glider is Fun!”

Fred Carrigan

I love these easy to assemble model airplanes

Just ordered the 1911 Caudron Racer. I love these precious little easy to assemble model airplanes. I’m old enough to have seen the real one, a much later model fly in i believe 1936 in the air races held here at Mines field now called LAX. California. I have built several of your models, last… Read more “I love these easy to assemble model airplanes”


Awesome Work!

I completed the Baby Ace and went straight on to the 1911 Caudron. These have been the best kits I have ever built. Absolutely loving the builds. I took a leap of faith based on your feedback page and bought 4 kits. I am about to start the Fokker Dvii. My only concern is what… Read more “Awesome Work!”

David Ringwood

The most satisfying kits to build and fly!

Whether is shredding up the skies with the G480 or floating around at sunset with the Toon Rocketeer, Bill’s kits are the most satisfying kits to build and fly. Keep up the great… Read more “The most satisfying kits to build and fly!”

Scott Stevens

Keep creating great kits.

I love your models. In 2015, I have built and flown your 1911 Caudron, and am currently finishing the build of your Shaft 400. I purchased your Fullhouse for my winter project and was surprised to find your logo ball cap in the box. THANKS! It’s a first class cap – like your models and… Read more “Keep creating great kits.”

Paul Malley

Lightyears ahead of everyone else in this niche.

LOVE your site, as well as the quality, attention to detail and passion that you put into all of your products and kits. You are lightyears ahead of everyone else in this niche and are the reason I got back into building! Thank… Read more “Lightyears ahead of everyone else in this niche.”


Well worth the money.

Thank you. I would just like to that I am building the little Sky Scout kit, and I have to say it is a very well thought out kit and one of the best I have ever built. I have been building and flying models for over sixty years and I was really amazed at… Read more “Well worth the money.”

Frank Allen

The kits are of very high quality.

I built balsa planes from kits when I was a lot younger (Keil Kraft kits at the time) and I recently got back to building. I’m on my third Stevensaero kits, just completing the Archaeopteryx and have already ordered my next. The kits are of very high quality, well documented and fun to build –… Read more “The kits are of very high quality.”

Ian Hislop

Thanks again for the wonderful product.

Outstanding! I just finished the Fokker D7 and gave it a test flight. I had not worked with balsa since I was a kid(too many years ago). Yours is the best kit I have ever seen. I purposely took my time because it was so enjoyable and I especially liked the tips you gave in… Read more “Thanks again for the wonderful product.”

Fernando Engelsma

Highest Value for the Money!

I have built everything from the catapult launched ThunderChuck to the Pterodactyl and Frede 2X and in every case find the same commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Stevens provides the highest value for money, best materials, highest performing and eclectic mix of subjects on the market… Read more “Highest Value for the Money!”

John Harding

Superb Engineering and Manufacturing!

As an engineer myself, I can’t say enough about the superb engineering and manufacturing quality of the Stevens AeroModel kits.  I decided to get back in the hobby after way too many years. Purchased a couple of small ARF “beginners” planes with poor results at best. Almost gave up, but was inspired by reading a… Read more “Superb Engineering and Manufacturing!”

Dan Wissell


You guys are to be congratulated on the quality of your kits –… Read more “Outstanding!”

Gary McCord